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    We enable executives and decision-makers to understand and identify emerging opportunities in technology to make strategic, smart money decisions.



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    How do you remain competitive in a global ecosystem, where AI and automation threaten your bottom line? Through top-notch research and creativity we provide you the strategic guidance to make smart money decisions and win.


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    How are you building your personal brand, business brand and consumer base?

    We help you build an authentic brand to energize your audience and help them make smart money decisions by investing in you.

  • Why the name "Axes and Eggs"?

    Axes and Eggs is a tribute to the general stores and suppliers of the California gold rush of the Mid 1800’s. These general stores and suppliers enabled gold prospectors of the day, commonly known as the "49ers", to pursue their dream of untold riches in the goldmines, streams and basins from California to Alaska.


    Just as those stores provided the 49ers with tools and supplies (e.g.: axes and eggs), so too in today's digital gold rush, Axes and Eggs supplies modern day prospectors with the tools, supplies and strategic resources they need to pursue their digital ambitions. Whether your business interest is understanding the impacts of blockchain, tokenization, cryptocurrency mining or creating regulatory framework to gauge the impact of distributed ledger technology on your enterprise, we have the tools and resources you need to succeed.


    Email us at info@axesandeggs.com for the solution that doesn't yet exist.


    And of course, we accept digital gold (bitcoin, eth, litecoin and a few select other cryptocurrencies).


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