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  • EPISODE 11

    SEPTEMBER 20, 2018

    GUEST: Maureen Murat

    There are a lot of questions surrounding blockchain and crypto regulation -- what can and can't companies do? What about investors? Regular people who just want to transact with crypto?
    Along with the confusion surrounding regulation, there are a lot of ethical questions that need to be answered.
    Maureen Murat, the founder of Crowdie Advisors, joined me to discuss how she built a career of advising companies through their ICOs, and shared her thoughts behind fundraising campaigns, privacy token usage, and more

    Episode 27

    Blockchain in Healthcare

    Dr. Tiffany Gray is a fellow at the blockchain in Healthcare Global/IEEE-ISTO, holds a Doctorate in Public Health in Health Behavior and a Master’s in Public Health in Maternal and Child Health, from the Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University in DC. In this episode of CoinGamma she talks blockchain + healthcare

    The Bitcoin Podcast #227: Samson Williams

    Taylor Monahan, CEO of MyCrypto, one of the leading blockchain interfaces, fills in for Marcello as they dive into current events. Our interview this week is the all-powerful Samson, who is a classically trained anthropologist, entrepreneur and finance expert whose specialties include: fintech, digital transformation, crowdfunding, blockchain use cases, cryptocurrency regulations, initial coin offerings and explaining all the above, in plain English to investors, government officials, small children and c-suite executives. The majority of our audience are small children, so this works out really well.

    Blockchain is like a Group Text Message

    Samson demystifies blockchain in 60 seconds

    Blockchain simplified by Samson on Sharja 95.5 UAE

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    Encrypted #Ep. 20: What lessons did we learn in 2018?

    Ahmed and Faisal sit down with Samson Williams, Partner from Axes and Eggs, in episode 20 of Encrypted.In this episode the trio do a 2018 recap looking at positives, negatives and lessons learnt from the industry.

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