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    A Think Tank and Digital Adivsors dedicated to helping you win.

  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Law Certification Program

    Axes and Eggs has partnered with the University of New Hampshire School of Law to offer a first-of-its-kind blockchain and cryptocurrency American Bar Association approved certification program. The program is 100% online and open to anyone with a bachelors degree. However, admission is selective. Apply now for the Spring 2019 class!

  • What is Axes and Eggs?

    Axes and Eggs is a Think Tank and digital advisor based in Washington, DC dedicated to exploring and understanding the implications of blockchain, emerging technology and digital transformation on the future of your organization's business, culture and bottom line.


    Axes and Eggs’ primary clients are government agencies, universities, and businesses providing financial services who need the latest in emerging technology research and education to keep their leadership, organization and workforce competitive in a dynamic, global, business environment.


    Contact us today to increase your competitive edge: info@axesandeggs.com

  • Axes and Eggs Services

    How we help you win.

    • Blockchain
    • IOT 
    • AI/Machine Learning
    • Token Development
    • DLT Technology Development
    • Use Case & Pilot Programs

    We create custom educational programs and provide in house, certified training courses on topics:

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    Axes and Eggs developed a knack for effectively driving traffic and engagement for Executives, Career Professionals and StartUps. We're refined these practices to create a communications agency aimed at delivering smart, executive-level services without the layers of corporate bureaucracy.

    Building the digital future can be filled with legal and regulatory hazards. Axes and Eggs is your trusted partner in ensuring the highest standards in regulatory compliance.

  • Emerging Technology Demystified

    The technology is the easy part. Human adoption is the difficult part. We're here to break down even the most complicated of emerging technology so that you, your customers or organization can win.

    Science will be Blockchained

    Dr Sean Manion on the future of medical research and blockchain

    Blockchain is like a group Text Message

    Distributed Autonomous Corporations

    Blockchain disrupting banks while improving banking services.

    Gov Blockchain

    10 years away because humans suck

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