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What Samson & @AxesAndEggs are working on.

People sometimes ask me, "What are you working on?". So, I decided to create a running log/blog of what we're working on. If you're interested in doing business with us or partnering on an event or opportunity email

Note - NO SYNERGY CALLS. If you want to do business or partner with us, answer these three questions:
  1. What business do you want to do?
  2. What value do you think we bring to this initiative? (This means you've reviewed and know what we do. And to be clear, we do not introduce you to investors and are not fund finders. We're a think tank. We answer the questions you can't google. Got it?)
  3. What is that value worth to you? (This means, you tell us generally what you want to do and what budget you have to do that. No, we don't want your tokens. You don't even use them so what good are they to us?)
Strategic & Industry Partnerships
  • Chainhaus - NYC based python, blockchain, hyperledger, ethereum, smart contracts, and vyper educational provider. Follow them on social @ChainHaus_NYC. Checkout their website for current list of technical classes, sign up and get your education on.
  • SettleMint - Belgium/Dubai based blockchain training partner. We are combining forces to set up a Blockchain Academy in Dubai (that complements the one they run in Belgium) with them. Our joint first class is August 19th 2018. Follow them twitter at @SettleMintCom and @Blckchn_Academy.
  • Blockchain Commission - A United Nation's partner agency, advocating for blockchain solutions that align to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Dr Tiffany Gray is co-leading the BlockchainForImpact Global Health & Disaster Relief Subcommittee.
  • Maureen Murat - Legal advisor to Cogent Law, based in Washington, DC. She is our go to legal expert for all things blockchain, securities and tax law related.
  • Crowdfunding Professionals Association - Leading efforts in blockchain, tokenization and liquidity in real estate. In short, we're building the future.
Our Clients
  • DigitalTown - Samson is Mayor of Cryptocurrencies for DigitalTown. If your city's business haven't heard of, much less can accept cryptocurrencies, how smart is your city? Lets chat!
  • FixNix - Enabling people to anonymously report whistleblowing issues. Based out of Chennai, India.
  • iCrowdU - Equity, debt, royalty blockchain crowdfunding startup based out of Germany.
  • TBA - A real estate investment firm, positioning itself for a tokenized future of real estate and blockchain.
  • TBA - A think tank, positioning itself to be the leader in blockchain and health.
  • TBA - MENA based government aligning its policies and regulatory environment to be blockchain and crypto friendly.
  • TBA - EU based private equity firm with $13B AUM, positioning itself to be a beast.
Event Calendar - Want to schedule someone from our team to speak at your next event? Use this link to submit a speaker request.

Upcoming Events

Past Engagements (2018) For more information on Axes and Eggs visit our website or email us at We look forward to earning your business.
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