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Deloitte Ireland’s Blockchain Community of Practice Recap Jan 14 2019

Samson's recap of his adventures in Ireland with Deloitte Ireland.

This week I ventured to #Ireland to rub elbows w/ the magnificence of Kris' beard & the shocking reality of Anthony Day’s vegetarianism. There were about 150 Deloitte team members & ~12 external partners, covering the gamut of blockchain practices, theories and realities. Here are my top 3 takeaways:

  1. Size doesn’t matter. Whether you’re #Deloitte, a startup or a small business you face the same blockchain challenges: a) real use cases b) determining the feasibility of #DLT to that use case c) turns out blockchain’s brilliance isn’t gonna democratize a game of rock paper scissors if you can’t get executives, decision makers and business owners to see the value in it. #SalesRuleTheWorld 
  2. Education remains the biggest gap in DLT. Why? Because the tech elves are talking elvish to Executives who only speak risk, $ and glory. 
  3. #Diversity is the corner stone of global business

The brilliance of blockchain is that it’s evolving. The funny part is that we, you and me, can influence its evolution if we can only let go of antiquated notions of what DLTs are. Antiquated already? 100%. Satoshi’s ledger is no more blockchain than the Wright Brothers’ Flyer is a jet.

See you 1/15 in NYC at

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