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Blockchain for Executives...

What is it? Its like a group test message.

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Blockchain tip - when explaining start with the basics.

By basics I don’t mean the basics of #blockchain I mean the basics of things people understand. Particularly for executives. Many of them still haven’t conquered that fandangled invention called #email and/or #TheFaceBooks. Technology is scary to a lot of decision makers, because it makes them vulnerable. Vulnerable is a feeling. How many folks in the #csuite have you ever even heard of admitting they’re #vunerable?

So! When explaining blockchain to executives use analogies that they can grasp (much like explaining things to a toddler) and make them feel confident and smile. Cause a confused exec is like a confused 3 year old.

They’re either gonna start screaming out of frustration or completely ignore what you just told them and do whatever the hell they feel like.

Blockchain = Group Text Message

Distributed ✅

Ledger ✅

Immutable ✅

Public (more or less cause you don’t know 1/2 the people in them most the time) ✅

Now remember before you get your tech panties in a bunch. Executives only need to understand enough to make a strategic decision. Not how to build their own. They’re Santa Claus, not an elf.

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